Are you crazy about colourful and creative impressions of nature?

Looking for that very special painting?

Are you looking for a composition with a story?


Would you like to indulge in the sheer delight of expression in a rainbow of colours?
If so – have a closer look at the many paintings by Lars Stounberg, who is well-known for his artistic interpretation of nature.

The art gallery sells paintings, watercolours and art posters by the artist Lars Stounberg.
Sales to art societies, businesses, institutions and private individuals.
Technique: oil, acrylics and watercolours.


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About Stounbergs Paintings

Sådan kender du "en Stounberg"

How to Recognise a “Stounberg”

Colours, a bright spirit, and an evocative atmosphere characterizes my paintings, which absorb impressions and expressions from nature.

I call my style modern impressionism – I play with the contrasts in light and darkness, the strong and the weak, and a broad spectrum of the effects of light.

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Udstilling i kunstforeninger

Interested in exhibitions?

Memorable experiences for your art exhibition.

Many exhibition areas and institutions enjoy my art exhibitions, where people can enjoy exciting and colourful new scenes.

Read more about how to arrange an art exhibition.

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Liste over udstillinger

List of Exhibitions

Hillerød Kunstdage 2013 and 2014
B&W Kunstforening, København, 2012
Widex, Lynge, 2011
Rederiet Torm A/S, Hellerup, 2011
Gentofte Rådhus, 2011
Maleriudstilling Gavnø Slot, Cafe Tulipanen, 2010
Artville 2007, København
TV2, Kvægtorvet, Odense, 2005
DR, TV-Byen Søborg, 2003

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Discover Lars Stounberg on Exhibitions

Hillerød Kunstdage 2015

Hillerød Kunstdage 2015


Art Nordic 2015 – Copenhagen


Art Nordic 2015 – Copenhagen

Discover my exhibition at Art Nordic with photos focusing on themes like the clouds, the sky, and the sea.

Click here to see photos from the exhibition!


> Art Nordic 2015


Hillerød Kunstdage 2015

Stounbergs stand at the exhibition

Come and see my exhibition at Hillerød Kunstdage 2014 – and get an idea of my painting and art by viewing the photo series from the show.
Looking forward to next year’s show in Hillerød.

Click here to see photos from the exhibition!

> Art Days 2015


Art Society

View from the company Torm Copenhagen

Memorable experiences for your business – painting exhibition.

Here you can see the exhibition for the staff of Torm in Hellerup 2011. Lars Stounberg develops business exhibitions that typically comprise 15-25 works of art, of which three to six paintings are in a large format (80 x 100). The photo series shows how the paintings will look on the walls, meeting rooms, corridors and office space in the company.

> Torm exhibition

Exhibition Gavnø Castle


Gavnø Castle, Næstved

See my exhibition at Gavnø Castle, where you will experience my artistic interpretation of nature and flowers.
These paintings are very popular, just like my tulip paintings.

See photos from the exhibition!

> Gavnø Castle

Artville Copenhagen

Artville Copenhagen 2007

Here’s a reunion with Artville Copenhagen 2007, where you can see my creative interpretation of butterflies, insects and the sky.

See all this and more from my series of photos from the exhibition!

> Artville 2007

Salon International de
Nîmes Gard 2004

Udstillingsbygning i Nîmes

Exhibition Hall in Nîmes Gard, France

Lars Stounberg’s painting at the juried exhibition Salon International de Nîmes Gard 2004. The painting is an artistic interpretation of autumn leaves – spontaneously painted.

Look at the photos!

> Nîmes Gard exhibition

To learn more about Lars Stounberg in juried exhibitions, see the paintings, diplomas, catalogues and reviews from these exhibitions.

Click here to discover Lars Stounberg at juried exhibitions!

> Diplomas and catalogues etc.

Paintings sold to companies

Kursusejendom Saxild Strand

Course Center Saxild Strand in Odder


Solgt malerier til kursusejendommen Saxild Strand

Sold paintings to course center Saxild Strand – the paintings to the left measure 60 x 120 cm, while the paintings to the right measure 120 x 80 cm

Malerier solgt til Saxild Strand

Paintings sold to Saxild Strand – the paintings measure 60 x 120 cm each.



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