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How to Recognise a “Stounberg”

Colours, a bright spirit, and an evocative atmosphere characterizes my paintings, which absorb impressions and expressions from nature.

I call my style modern impressionism – I play with the contrasts in light and darkness, the strong and the weak, and a broad spectrum of the effects of light.
Moreover, there is a great interest in and enthusiasm for my exhibitions which focus on themes like the cosmos, the clouds, the sky, and the sea. These paintings are very popular, just like my tulip paintings.
Several of my works have a relief-like structure, which gives the painting a more three dimensional effect – and the viewer a very suggestive and intense experience of the painting.

Lars Stounberg

Lars Stounberg
Rathlousgade 24
DK-8300 Odder

Tlf. +45 3048 0183

E-mail: lars@stounberg.dk
CVR-nummer 29 47 79 06

I am mostly self-taught, but have participa-
ted in various courses, e.g. at the Academy
of Fine Arts in Aarhus and the Silkeborg
Folk High School, and spent one year in
artcollege A. Khan-Leonhard in the Black Forest, Germany, in
1990, where I was taught watercolour, oil
and acrylic painting by the painter
A. Khan-Leonhard.

I spend a brief study period with
A. Khan-Leonard almost every year.
His ancestry includes famous painters
such as Chistian Zacho and Peder Mønsted.

Art Form
Watercolours, oil and Acrylics

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