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In a busy workday it can be difficult to make decisions.
However, nothing could be easier than contacting me free of charge.
You are welcome to make an enquiry or ask questions about prices and frames.
Whatever your question, I have plenty of time and you should not feel obliged in any way.
Feel free to send a mail or fill out the form below – then your daily life will become more enjoyable.

Lars Stounberg

Lars Stounberg
Rathlousgade 24
8300 Odder

Tlf. +45 3048 0183

CVR-nummer 29 47 79 06 7250 2061004

Jyske Bank, Odder
IBAN: DK6272500002061004



Terms & Conditions


Step-by-step orde
Find the item you desire.

Place the item in the shopping basket by clicking on the symbol ‘Put in Basket’.
You can then continue your search if you want to shop further.
If you change your mind about the contents in the basket, or if you want to change the number of items, either delete the order by clicking the delete button or correct the number in the box ‘Update basket’ if you want to see the price after your changes.
Continue to the check-out by choosing ‘Go to check-out’.
In the next window, choose payment and shipping forms.

Then enter your customer details and any alternative delivery address.
Click ‘Continue’.
Confirm your order – after checking all the details you have entered.
Your order will not be submitted until you click ‘Submit order’. If you leave the page without doing so, your purchase will not be carried out.

You will immediately receive an order confirmation at the e-mail address you have indicated in your customer details.
When your order is dispatched, you will receive another notification by e-mail.


Sjal Akvarel Lars Stounberg 1999

Sjal Akvarel Lars Stounberg 1999

Cancellation Right

Goods are supplied with a 30-day cancellation right counting from the day you receive them. If you choose to cancel a purchase, simply return the item in the same condition and quantity as you received it. Once the item has been received and approved, the purchase price will be refunded by transfer to your account within a few days. Costs in relation to the return are on your account. For practical details – please refer to ‘Complaints and Return of Goods’.

Cafe anretterbord Akvarel Lars Stounberg 1999

Cafe anretterbord Akvarel Lars Stounberg 1999


Art Gallery accepts payment by Dankort/VISA-Dankort a.o. Payment will be deducted from your account when the goods you have ordered are despatched.

Art Gallery encrypts all of your account details using the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that no unauthorised person can read your account number or other information during the electronic transaction.


Art Gallery arranges for delivery via Post Danmark (unless otherwise indicated). Delivery time may be up to 10-12 days from the time you submit your order, but we always deliver as quickly as possible. Delivery anywhere in the world, except in war zones.

Gondol Venedig akvarel Lars Stounberg 2003

Gondol Venedig akvarel Lars Stounberg 2003

Complaints and Return of Goods

In case of defects, omissions or missing delivery, please contact:

Art Gallery – Lars Stounberg
Rathlousgade 24
8300 Odder


Return of goods is on your account. Upon receipt of a returned item, the amount of money in question will immediately be transferred back to your account. Please indicate you account no. when returning goods.

Tulip gavnoe gastle watercolours Lars Stounberg

Tulip gavnoe gastle watercolours Lars Stounberg

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