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Memorable experiences for your art exhibition

Many exhibition areas and institutions enjoy my art exhibitions. Here people can view exciting and colourful new scenes.

DR, TV2, Terma, Widex, CODAN, Terma, Widex and Maersk are some of the many companies that have, over the years, been delighted with Lars Stounberg’s art. Stounberg is also a loyal guest at the censured exhibitions in France. The paintings from this popular artist are known for their passion for colour, finding expression from a broad palette of figures and scenes.

Are you planning an art exhibition this year, or next?

Lars Stounberg’s exhibitions typically comprise approx. 15 – 25 works of art, of which three to six will be in a large format (80 x 100).
And the cost? It’s between EURO 213 and 1067, depending on the size of the painting. It is also easy to find a good painting for less than DKK 740.

An exhibition is arranged on an individual basis, choosing a certain number of paintings to exhibit, as well as general terms and conditions.

Don’t be shy! Just like his paintings Lars Stounberg is spontaneous, and also easy to talk to should the opportunity arise.
But you could start by simply ordering the brochure on previous art exhibitions, the artist himself and photos of his latest works.

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Udstilling af malerier i kunstforeningen Rederiet Torm, Hellerup, 2011

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